Hi my name is Ariz, and I have recently joined MENEZ as C.F.O. (CHIEF FASHION OFFICER). 💋👜
My story goes a little like this…
I’m a extraterrestrial from the Sombrero galaxy specifically from the planet EZA. 
I travel the galaxies in search of Art and Fashion. After falling in love with planet Earth during one of my missions in search for intriguing artifacts, I decided to stay and live here. Upon arrival to Earth I met the MENEZ Brothers, Vincent and Saul. I was fascinated by the MENEZ philosophy of empowering one another and being ourselves, while showing it through fashion. However in order to stay here,  I needed to find a vessel. I decided to transfer into a doll and thus bringing life into it. The MENEZ Brothers helped to design and create me a new lifestyle. Now that I’m C.F.O. at MENEZ, join me on my journey and It'll be my pleasure to show you some tips and tricks about Fashion and Art. 🖤👽